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We are an independent kids film making studio specializing in the genres of fantasy, science fiction and adventure. Kids learn all the aspects of filmmaking from screenplay writing to the final edit. Finished products are sold on the Kid Stuff Film's website.


Kid Stuff Films is divided into sections. Kid Stuff Films (ages 7 to 14) and Teen Stuff Films (ages 13 to 18). The end concept is to create quality products of entertainment, in the genres of film types previously described.

We do this in the form of full film projects, workshops and camps. The benefits to kids who are part of the Kid Stuff Films group, aside from having a created portfolio of their work, is that they learn many of the hidden aspects of film making, as well as the practical ones. This includes CGI, practical, visual, and special effects, screenplay writing, set design, direction, photography direction, videography direction, musical scoring, composite editing and so forth. It also incorporates creative as well as social skills.


It is the hope of Kid Stuff Films to be able to give kids a bigger voice in the entertainment community basically in film and theater as well as music. The studio is designed specifically for them, using an approach that treats them as equals as all curriculum is designed for them rather than at them.


It is also the hope of Kid Stuff Films to develop self-assurance, pride, and a more social young community where working together is not only a necessity, but is also desirable to them, hopefully building stronger, better and more responsible individuals as they become adults.

What Is

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CEO/Director/Writer/Editing/Musical Arrangement/Webmaster
Edward Darkslade -

Director of Photography
Tyler Kimm
Chris Paetz
Aron Erlandson
Alois Villaverde

Executive Producer
James Monaco

Still and Promotional Photography
TacC Photography

Prop Technician 
Edward Darkslade
Emalee Foster
Chris Paetz

Custom Prop Design 
Pepperbox Creations

Parental Support 
All of my cast members parents and guardians.

Thank you!
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