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The Story

The Truth

The Waffles Family Fun Fair Shows mysteriously appeared around the end of the new era. Founded by Dunkirk Waffle (The Collector) and Cedric Waffle (The Ringmaster), the organization tours the world, showing up when least expected and disappearing the same way. Members of the carnival troupe have come and gone, but currently, Dunkirk still collects the acts and the staff. Cedric keeps the staff together by coercion, knowing something specific about them all, but keeping it a secret unless needed. He always seems to have the knowing smirk on his face. The Machinist, Elisabeth, keeps the rides functioning using her own methods, once using a 450 Horsepower engine to power the ferris wheel. (Some of those riders haven't landed yet.) 

The newsie, Kyller, keeps everyone up to date on current events. Like if the local authorities wish to investigate the carnival. And, of course, the resident Barker, Morgan, amazes and entrants the local populace with his golden tones, with which he can get them to do anything.

So that's the story. They travel on, bringing their unique style of entertainment to maybe your home town.

Waiting for Waffles studio band that started out as an experiment by Edward Davis, a music coach, to try and inspire his music student, Thomas Lahey, to practice more and take his guitar lessons more seriously, by backing up their work with an ensemble band (all other instruments played by Edward), and creating music videos of the songs they did. As time went by, Edward decided to try this technique with others and slowly built up the project into a band with Elisabeth Barnett on Keyboards and Kaden Scarberry on drums and lead vocals. The first album, "We're Here To Serve" was released mid 2019 and is available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Tunes, and other formats. A lineup change came later in the year with Morgan James taking over the lead vocals, and 9 year old Kyller Cater taking over the drums.

The basic concept still exists with Edward now leading the band into the world of progressive rock. We only do music videos for cover songs. Our original songs are for listening.

The work is always in progress, but the music is what it's all about.

Waiting for Waffles is - 

Morgan James - Lead Vocals

Thomas Lahey - Guitars, Dulcimer and Vocals

Edward Davis - Bass and Vocals

Elisabeth Barnett - Keyboards

Kyller Cater - Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Our newest original tune, "Something Wicked..."

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