Help Support Kid Stuff Films

Greetings and thank you for taking a moment to read this message.


Kid Stuff Films and Teen Stuff Films supports itself through the sale of DVD's, Merchandise and Donations


Running a studio even as small as this does require a lot of time, energy and (of course) finances.


Some of our expenses include software, improved equipment, (ie:  lighting and sound equipment, video and greenscreen equipment, editing software, new camera equipment), transportation to locations (when needed), studio space (when needed), costumes and props and parts for props as well as the server where this site resides. 


These things help us to improve our product and produce a better quality of entertainment for kids of all ages.


This section is for donations to the Kid Stuff Films and Teen Stuff Films group and studio.


All donations are greatly appreciated. You can make your contributions of ANY SIZE

($1 to $1,000,000) through this PayPal system.


Even better would be to purchase some of our product and you can see for yourself what we do, and the skills of our cast and crew. Please review our DVD section and take a look at our Trailers and Gallery sections as well.


If you donate, we thank you very much.

If you can't or do not wish to donate, you are still always welcome here.


Thank you.


- - Your obediant servant, Edward Darkslade