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Kid Stuff Films has made it's mark in other media and working with other groups. Here is a sample of some of the work we have done within the community and even outside of it.

KTAR Small Business Shoutout -
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Here is a small business shoutout we recieved from Newstalk Radio KTAR in Phoneix, az. Although they did get Edward's last name wrong, at least they had the correct letters in it. There is a reference to The A.R.C. which is the building that we had the studio located in at the time. The building has since been sold so their site reference is no longer valid.

Click the banner above to see an article that was written about us during our 2014 Film Camp by Raising Arizona Kids Magazine.

During the summer months, Edward teaches film making to kids between the ages of 7-14 at Yavapai College's "College for Kids" program. Click the image above to see some photos. 

Kid Stuff Films also works with special programs in the Phoenix area such at the

"Phoenix High Funtioning Autism" group. Click the image above to see some photos. 

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