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Kid Stuff News

DATELINE - 9/30/2018


There will be a fifth (and, God, I hope final) Weeblefester film. The project is in preproduction right now.


The original idea of a water based Weeble has been scrapped as the expense for the creation of the puppet and the gear needed to do acceptable filming in this medium makes it out of the range of our little budget.


SO - The new film will revolve around the Weeblefester finally instigating the troubles (ie: not brought into the world by outside means) by creating small vortexes that pull his 'meals' into HIS world. So this is going to be very high fantasy as opposed to a real world environment. The entire world is the essence of the Weeblefester. The kids brought into his world will be from all over, pulled into the Weebleworld from whatever they were doing. So there might be some who were asleep, some might have been playing video games, and possibly some from a pool party. The details are being hammered out. Eventually, several of the kids from different places will wind up together, trying to find the way back to the real world. As with the weeble films, if one can get back, they all come back. BUT - - - - Will they this time? And will we finally see the being that inhabits the physical form of the Weeblefester?


ALSO - As a promotion for the new Weeblefester film, I will be releasing a Weeblefester computer game, "Weeblefester's Dungeon". Basically a Breakout type of game, with a Weeblefester theme, including scenes from the previous films re-themed to the dungeon background. The game should be out by the end of October and will sell for $10. The proceeds will be going to the new film production.


So that's all the news available at the moment in the Weeble World.


More news when it becomes available.

DATELINE - 8/6/2018


We will be removing older titles and films that are no longer popular within the next few weeks. If you wish to purchase them, you will need to do it soon. These are:

Datton The Defender, Grandpa Calvin and Nova.

After they are removed, they will be archived and POSSIBLY be released at a later date as part of a package.

DATELINE - 12/10/2017


A new section of the site has opened. This is the Digital Films section which will carry some of our films as digital downloads. This will come in handy for our fans in other countries who do not wish to pay for the extra shipping or for anyone who doesn't want to wait for the post office delivery. Not all films will be available this way, but several will and most new projects will as well. Digital Downloads include the Movie and the Outtakes only.

A new project, "3 Pairs of Shorts" has just been released on DVD and in the new Digital FIlms section. This film is basically 6 short films made between 2015 and 2017.

DATELINE - 1/23/2018


The Weeblefester series is now available for digital downloads individually or the entire set. Check it out in the Digital section.

DATELINE - 5/4/2017


Our newest film has been released! Knights of the Secret Kingdom DVD will has the film, Outtakes, some behind the scenes and a bit more.

This is our most elaborate project since Mage, and it is part one of a projected 3 part project. Check it out in the Films Gallery, and get your copy today!

Also, it is my sad duty to tell you that the shipping fee has gone up for international shipping by $5.00.

U.S. shipping remains the same.

There is a new button in the DVD section that adds this fee. If you are ordering outside of the US, you will need to use this for the additional fee. Sorry. We are a small outfit and have been losing money on International shipping for several years now.

DATELINE - 12/18/2016


We had our annual Holiday Party Thing at Let It Roll Bowl this year and it was quite a fun event. The high points being our cast from Australia was out visiting and they were able to attend for the first time.

The new film project KNIGHTS OF THE SECRET KINGDOM is coming along nicely. We are filming most as location shoots with green screen assistance. The scene look crisp and real. We will continue shooting into January and probably part of February. A trailer will be available to view soon.

DATELINE - 4/26/2016


Kid Stuff Films will be participating once again in the

Yavapai College for Kids program.

Edward will be teaching kids 7-12 the art of film making and the kids will be making their own production. If you would like to know a little more about the program, check out the 'Recognition' page on this site.


Weeblefester Fur is on schedule for release on May 11, 2016. This is the fourth film in the Weeblefester series which has proven more popular than expected. This will most likely be the last of the Weeblefester films, but I said that after the third film was completed, so who knows.


Kid Stuff Films will be casting for two new projects this year. One being a sequel to one of our other films (not Weeblefester) and one to be a five story anthology. We are also hoping to continue production of "The World Between" which came to a stop when the studio building in downtown Phoenix was sold.


Speaking of the Studio, we are activly looking for a new location to set up Kid Stuff Films Studio again. Although we do not NEED a studio for any of our projects as we have a full portable set up and will be doing most of our projects on location, it still is good to have a base of operations and a place to run our Summer Camps, which needed to be postponed this year until a location can be found. We may wind up just tracking down a small location to set up the office and hunt down a studio building later.

DATELINE - 8/10/2016


It has been a rough couple of weeks for Kid Stuff Films trying to get projects rolling, but we are for the most part back on track.

NEW CAST MEMBERS!! Check it out on the cast page.

A new section will be coming soon to the site, "Kid Stuff Games". We have several games in production and you will be able to download demos as well as purchase finished games from here and hopefully other gaming sites soon.

Hopefully getting back on a shooting schedule before too long.


DATELINE - 5/10/2016


The newest in the Weeblefester series (and presumably the last... yeah, right), Weeblefester Fur will be released tomorrow. But it is on sale TODAY!! Check it out in the DVD's section of the site.


New projects on the horizon, but we will not be filming too much in June due to the College for Kids schedule that Edward is teaching at. But there is plenty going on with Kid Stuff Films so check back here to the site on occation to see what is happening!


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