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Kid Stuff Games

New games are in the works.

Come back soon to see what is coming!


Kid Stuff Games is a part of Kid Stuff Films where our cast get a chance to be characters in a PC game. In other words, their likeness can either be a player character, or in video cut scenes, or whatever.

Kid Stuff Games are original games that require Windows 7 or better with a fairly descent graphics card or better.

These games do NOT run on Mac or mobile devices... at this time.

The games are delivered digitally within 24-36 hours of purchase.


Weeblefester's World of Peril is our first game release. Similar to a classic 'Breakout' style game, this one has several unique aspects to it as you try to save a bunch of kids from the Weeblefester and his traps... Or help the Weeblefester if you want to be that way.

You may need to click the above button twice. Make sure your EMAIL address is current. The game is shipped via "WeTransfer"
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