New to Kid Stuff Films, you can now purchase some of our our films in digital format (.wmv) from this page. These files will run on PC or on MAC (with proper codec). For the most part they DO NOT run on tablets or phones unless your device can run Windows Media. The digital versions are internally tagged and encoded to protect the property of Kid Stuff Films.

Digital downloads contain the feature film and the blooper reels. You will receive the link to your download when the funds clear through PayPal (usually one day).



NOTE: When you purchase a digital version of any of our films, they still fall under the same copyright rules and regulations. DO NOT MAKE COPIES except for yourself. DO NOT POST any of these films in full or in part on the internet.

All films are copyright (c) Completely Grounded Productions and Kid Stuff Films.

PLEASE REMEMBER. We are a small studio and we exist only through purchases and donations.

Films Currently Available  as Digital Downloads

The Weeblefester Series

Digital versions for $15 each or get the whole series for $50!
Includes the features and the out takes.

Grandpa Calvin

NEW Digital Additions

© 2016 by Completely Grounded Productions. 

Kid Stuff Films Est. 2007
Cert 594885

Six short films from the Kid Stuff Films Studio. Adventure, Perils an Weeblefesters abound!